PlagAware FullScan Plagiarism Check Algorithm

The plagiarism check with the FullScan algorithm ensures that each individual sentence of the checked work will be scanned. This way, even very short plagiarism section will be reliably detected.

Plagiarism checks or spot check searches?

Many plagiarism scanner for plagiarism checking of texts such as seminar papers, bachelor thesis, master thesis or editorial articles simulate with their plagiarism check algorithm the human work process: Individual words or word combinations will be randomly selected and given to a search engine like Google or Bing. The limitation of this algorithm is clear: For one thing the quality of the plagiarism check directly depends on the number of checked word combinations. Therefore this plagiarism check resembles a spot check search rather than the complete plagiarism check of the checked text.

In addition, the smallest deviations in the writing style or word order lead to that plagiarism is no longer reliably detected. In doing so it is often called revised or paraphrased plagiarism ("Paraphrased plagiarism").

The FullScan algorithm for plagiarism checking

PlagAware uses a FullScan technology with their further developed algorithm for plagiarism checking. In doing so each individual sentence will be checked completely or in partial sections - whereas the algorithm ensures that it includes from each sentence at least one significant word combination.

Furthermore, the algorithm identifies for plagiarism checks not only an exact match, but it also tolerates minor discrepancies which are created through (intentionally or unintentionally) typos or rearranging of words. This way, FullScan algorithm ensures that truly a complete plagiarism check of the text was conducted.

Detail analysis of thousands of sources

Through the fuzzy and complete search for plagiarism, generally couple of thousands of sources and documents will be compared in detail through the individual plagiarism check. At PlagAware this means: Your text will be compared word for word with possible findings to ensure that only relevant sources will be displayed.

By the way, advanced users can set details as an option to which degree the match between the sources and the checked text of the algorithm should be considered as "relevant".

What's the advantage of PlagAware FullScan Algorithm?

It doesn't matter if a one-time plagiarism check of your own work or a regular and routine plagiarism check at schools, universities or publishers: plagiarism check algorithm of PlagAware ensures that truly the whole text will be checked - and not only individual spot checks. It makes it possible for the reliable detection of even shorter and revised sources.

Encrypted transmission of documents and secure payment options

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  • Payment of plagiarism check by PayPal
  • Payment of plagiarism scan by Sofortueberweisung