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  • "The highest rated system within the test 2010 is PlagAware"
    Test HTW Berlin, 2010
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    Test HTW Berlin, 2013
  • "PlagAware identified more web sources than most of other systems
    c't Test Plagiarism Search Services, 2011
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Subscribe to PlagAware

The PlagAware subscription model includes a monthly volume of ScanCredits which can be used for text monitoring purposes and plagiarism scans. Thus, our subscription license models are particularly feasible for continuous monitoring of web pages and other texts.

The PlagAware subscription license models are differing regarding the included ScanCredit volume per month and the resulting costs per ScanCredit. Additionally, owners of a PlagAware subscription benefit from discounted ScanCredits which can be purchased in addition to the ScanCredit volume included in the subscription license.

Subscription Rates

Subscription Rate Light Standard Premium
Included Credits / Month 150 500 1000
Cost per 100 ScanCredits EUR 2.00* EUR 1.80* EUR 1.60*
Recommended for * 1-150 URLs / Texts 151-500 URLs / Texts above 500 URLs / Texts
Additional ScanCredits 150 Credits (EUR 2.99*) 500 Credits (EUR 8.99*) 1000 Credits (EUR 15.99*)
Monthly Costs EUR 2.99* EUR 8.99* EUR 15.99*

* Incl. VAT ** Approx. 250 scanned words per URL and at least one plagiarism scan for all URLs per month.

Purchase Subscription License

  6 Months "Light" Subscription EUR 2.99 / Month (EUR 17.94 incl. VAT)
  6 Months "Standard" Subscription EUR 8.99 / month (EUR 53.94 incl. VAT)
  6 Months Subscription "Premium" EUR 15.99 / Month (EUR 95.94 incl. VAT)

Purchase Additional ScanCredits for Existing Subscription

  Additional Pack Light 150: 150 ScanCredits for Light Subscription License (EUR 2.99 incl. VAT)
  Additional Pack Standard 500: 500 ScanCredits for Standard Subscription License (EUR 8.99 incl. VAT)
  Additional Pack Premium 1000: 1000 ScanCredits for Premium Subscription License (EUR 15.99 incl. VAT)

Contract Duration and Conditions

The minimum duration of a subscription license is 6 months. The subscription will be extended by an additional 6 months automatically, if it is not cancelled by one of the parties within one month before the respective termination. Unused ScanCredits will expire at the end of every month. ScanCredits purchased in addition to an existing subscription license have unlimited validity.

Further Options

Overview on Prices and License Models

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