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  • 10.07.2017 - Server location in Germany - why is this of imprtance for your plagiarism checks? More...
  • 16.03.2017 - Further improved recognition performance with the PlagAware FullScan technology. More...
  • 20.01.2017 - New functions for free plagiarism checks of text versions. More...
  • 01.11.2016 - Make own forms for the submission of assignment per "Drag & Drop" available to your students and pupils!
  • 15.10.2016 - The expanded PlagAware API allows the transfer of text documents from your application
  • Further news...


Our monthly subscriptions provide a cost-effective option to conduct regular plagiarism and duplicate content checks. They cater to website operators as well as authors and publisher who want to regularly check their own texts for third-party copyright violations.

Please select your appropriate subscription model

Monthly subscription Free Light Standard Premium
Including ScanCredits / month 10* 50+10* 250+10* 1000+10*
Cost per standard page and ScanCredit - €0.06 €0.05 €0.04
Recommended for text monitoring up to 30 up to 100 up to 500 more than 500
Cost/month (incl. taxes) - €2.99 €12.49 €39.99
Register / Add to the shopping cart ja ja ja ja

* with integration of the Content Protection Banner into the to be monitored website

Which subscription do I need?

The needed subscription is based on the scope of your web presences as well as the number of texts to be checked. PlagAware has an algorithm which automatically uses the monthly available ScanCredits best possible and spreads it over the pages that are to be monitored.

We recommend to choose the subscription model in such way so that each text can be scanned every 1 - 2 months. For example, if you website contains 500 pages with editorial text content, we recommend the "Standard" subscription model.

Buying additional credits for your existing subscription

User of PlagAware with an existing subscription can purchase ScanCredits at any time based on the conditions of the subscription. If no products are displayed, please reach out to us or purchase a applicable subscription.

Contract terms and conditions

The minimum contract term of all PlagAware subscriptions are 6 months. The subscription automatically renews for an additional six months as long as it is not cancelled with a one-month cancellation period of the respective term. Monthly free credits of the subscription expire at the end for the term.

Additional purchased ScanCredits are indefinitely available.

Additional options

Overview of license models of PlagAware

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