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Professional plagiarism testing is becoming an indispensable part of university and school teaching and examination. PlagAware provides universities and schools with award-winning, uncomplicated anti-plagiarism software that meets all the requirements of modern plagiarism control.

Professor helps student with the bachelor thesis

Ensuring the scientific quality

It is not only since the plagiarism affairs of recent years that it has become more important for universities and schools to establish effective mechanisms for plagiarism control of bachelor theses, master theses, dissertations, and other scholarly writings.

PlagAware assists you in ensuring the scientific quality through reliable comparison of relevant texts with all freely available online sources and own reference texts.

Plagiarism search in books

Continuously advanced algorithms for plagiarism search

At the heart of PlagAware is a multi-award-winning plagiarism search engine that examines the work to be reviewed sentence by sentence to match billions of online sources and university-grade texts. Through our "FullScan" -Technology, a complete analysis of the document is performed.

Thus paraphrased plagiarisms and short plagiarized text sections are reliably detected in bachelor and master theses.

Screenshot of PlagAware evaluation of plagiarism

Interactive evaluation of plagiarism testing

PlagAware compiles all detected internet sources as well as texts from the university's or schools's reference libraries into an interactive results report.

In unclear cases, you can use a graphical comparison of the suspicious passage and the source to decide if a passage of text actually is to be rated as a plagiarism, or as a valid quote.

Report of plagiarism

Clear plagiarism report with indication of all sources

All results are summarized in a clear final report of the plagiarism scan, in which all references are highlighted in color. Of course, all references are linked so that you can click on the suspicious passage to open the original text to make further comparisons.

The summary assessment of the plagiarism search engine is given as a proportion of suspicious words in relation to the length of the entire text.

Commission new plagiarism check

Easy integration into the correction process

The plagiarism search of PlagAware can be commissioned with just a few clicks and fits seamlessly into the correction process of the university or school.

Completed plagiarism checks with suspicions are automatically forwarded to predefined recipients for further review. If necessary, the plagiarism check can also be carried out completely in the background without user interaction by connecting PlagAware to existing university of school systems.

Sharing the plagiarism check with colleagues

A plagiarism search engine for all employees of the university or school

PlagAware supports the sharing of plagiarism software throughout the university or school. All our licenses for schools and universities allow for an unlimited number of user accounts, which can either be set up by the administrator or created by the employees themselves.

For the sake of maximum comparability, settings of the plagiarism search engine can be fixed for all users by the administrator. Of course, the sharing of reference documents across the entire organization is possible as well.

Plagiarism check for pupils and students

Self-control and submission portal for students

PlagAware makes it possible to offer the plagiarism check to students of the university or school for self-control. This way, students can be sure that all online sources have been correctly quoted and reported before the submission of the paper.

Similarly, schools and universities can activate a personalized web portal, through which students can submit their own work.

Test of PlagAware in the press

Professional plagiarism check since 2008

PlagAware has been used at numerous universities and schools worldwide since 2008. The quality and reliability of plagiarism testing by PlagAware has since been confirmed in numerous reviews and papers.

For example, the well-known computer magazine CHIP rated PlagAware as the system with the "best and most comprehensive plagiarism check".

Data protection and data security during the plagiarism check

Data protection and data safety

The protection of personal data as well as the security of the texts to be checked is the top priority for PlagAware. You always have complete control over the transferred data and can freely define after which deadlines which data should be automatically deleted.

PlagAware is a German company that stores customer data exclusively on German servers under the control of the German Federal Data Protection Act.

Flexible licensing models

Flexible licensing models for all use cases

PlagAware provides flexible licensing models for all use cases. Especially for schools and universities, we offer a license for educational institutions that allows unlimited plagiarism testing of all texts written at the school, college or university.

You can use PlagAware within a defined budget and provide all colleagues with a modern, reliable and straightforward solution for the plagiarism review of seminar papers, term papers, bachelor papers, master theses and other texts. Please request your non-binding offer now!

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PlagAware Press Buzz

  • "The best and most comprehensive plagiarism checks"
    CHIP practice tip plagiarism checking, 2016

  • "PlagAware was one of the best systems in the area of usability"
    Test HTW Berlin, 2013

  • "PlagAware discovered more web sources than most other providers"
    Test plagiarism search services, c't 2011

  • "The best rated system in the test is PlagAware"
    Test HTW Berlin, 2010


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