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  • "The highest rated system within the test 2010 is PlagAware"
    Test HTW Berlin, 2010
  • "PlagAware was one of the best systems in the area of usability"
    Test HTW Berlin, 2013
  • "PlagAware identified more web sources than most of other systems
    c't Test Plagiarism Search Services, 2011
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250 Words of Plagiarism Scan = 1 Scan Credit

The services of PlagAware which are subject to a fee are charged using so-called "ScanCredits". We are charging 1 ScanCredit for each 100 words or part thereof. The exact amount of ScanCredits required to scan a given text will be displayed after document upload. Please choose between 4 flexible license models:

A Immediate Plagiarism Scan without Contractual Obligations

For individuals or incidental plagiarism assessments, we are offering Scan Credit Packs without contractual obligations, minimum terms or subscriptions. Just select one of our ScanCredit Packs and you're ready to perform plagiarism scans immediately. Please follow the link to calculate which pack is most suitable for your individual use case.

Estimate required ScanCredits and purchase ScanCredit Packs in our shop

B Subscription models for text and website monitoring

Tailored to suit the needs of continuous monitoring of texts and web sites, we are offering three subscription license models (light, standard and premium). All models are equipped with a defined amount of ScanCredits which can be automatically used to perform continuous plagiarism scans on texts of a web site or on your private text library.

Compare subscription rates and purchase licenses in our shop

C Flatrate for Plagiarism Assessment in Schools

Especially for schools, PA is offering a yearly flat rate for plagiarism assessments. The very reasonably priced license can be applied to up to 250 user accounts and provides the possibility to perform plagiarism scans on all text created within the licensing organization (e.g. homework, theses, etc.).

Further information on PA's school license model

D Individual licenses for Universities, Institutes, Organizations and Companies

Starting from a minimum plagiarism scan volume of just 5000 text pages per year, we are offering individual license models to suit your requirements for plagiarism assessment or text monitoring tasks. Please get in touch with us to request a quote.

Further information on individual PlagAware licenses

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