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  • "The highest rated system within the test 2010 is PlagAware"
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  • 10.07.2017 - Server location in Germany - why is this of imprtance for your plagiarism checks? More...
  • 16.03.2017 - Further improved recognition performance with the PlagAware FullScan technology. More...
  • 20.01.2017 - New functions for free plagiarism checks of text versions. More...
  • 01.11.2016 - Make own forms for the submission of assignment per "Drag & Drop" available to your students and pupils!
  • 15.10.2016 - The expanded PlagAware API allows the transfer of text documents from your application
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What is Text Plagiarism Assessment?

The expression plagiarism assessment is understood to be the checking of a text with respect to the mostly numerous quotation of not stated sources.

Especially, online-lexica like Wikipedia are a common and often used source for the creation of works, which should be classified as a plagiarism or at least a partial plagiarism. Manually checking, to what amount and from which sources was copied, is very time-consuming, so that automatic tools and measures are necessary. Especially in schools and in the academic field, but also in the editorial environment the proof of authenticity of texts, manuscripts and documents becomes increasingly important.

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Features of PlagAware

PlagAware offers comprehensive functions for the plagiarism assessment of home works, seminar papers, manuscripts, editorial articles and other written texts. These functions are based on the central PlagAware technology, the search for identical contents in the World Wide Web. Thereby the text of the home work or academic manuscript is divided into individual segments, which are rated on the base of a language statistics. For selected segments analogies are searched in the internet and analysed on the grade of analogy. Have a look at our photo gallery, to gain insight in the working with PlagAware for plagiarism assessment of academic texts.

Further application fields

You publish your text contents in the internet? Then protect yourself against content theft and website plagiarism!

Using PlagAware for the protection against content theft

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The photo gallery shows only a small part of the functions of PlagAware for the plagiarism assessment of academic documents, manuscripts and articles. Register now free and non-binding, to become acquainted with PlagAware!

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