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  • "The highest rated system within the test 2010 is PlagAware"
    Test HTW Berlin, 2010
  • "PlagAware was one of the best systems in the area of usability"
    Test HTW Berlin, 2013
  • "PlagAware identified more web sources than most of other systems
    c't Test Plagiarism Search Services, 2011
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  • 10.07.2017 - Server location in Germany - why is this of imprtance for your plagiarism checks? More...
  • 16.03.2017 - Further improved recognition performance with the PlagAware FullScan technology. More...
  • 20.01.2017 - New functions for free plagiarism checks of text versions. More...
  • 01.11.2016 - Make own forms for the submission of assignment per "Drag & Drop" available to your students and pupils!
  • 15.10.2016 - The expanded PlagAware API allows the transfer of text documents from your application
  • Further news...

Professional online plagiarism checks and duplicate content control

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Free and unlimited plagiarism checks of text revisions

The plagiarism check by PlagAware is not a one-way street: Check different revisions of your text unlimited for free. You only pay for the first plagiarism check - all new evaluations of your revised text are free!


Professional plagiarism check

Plagiats-Prüfung von Texten

The multiple awarded plagiarism check discovers sources from over 10 billion online documents and your own reference texts using the our unique FullScan technology. More...

Duplicate content check

Plagiarism checks of websites

PlagAware performs continuous plagiarism checks of your website contents and your text portfolios - and notifies you, as soon as Duplicate Content is identified. More...

Maximum protection of privacy

Protection of privacy during the plagiarism control

The data of the plagiarism checks will be exclusively saved on German servers, transferred with encryption and is subject to the German Federal Protection of Privacy Law (BDSG). More...

Flexible licensing

Licensing of PlagAware

Our flexible rates range from prepaid starting rates to subscription rates for continuous plagiarism checks to campus licenses for facilities and businesses. More...

Try PlagAware now free and nonbinding!

Try PlagAware for yourself! The set-up of a PlagAware user account is completely free and nonbinding, it takes only 1 minute and it contains the free plagiarism check up to 10 pages.

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Computer magazine CHIP about PlagAware News magazine Spiegel Online about programs for plagiarism checks News magazine Focus about plagiarism finder Zeit Online about plagiarism checker Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung about plagiarism checks

Plagiarism checks for colleges and universities

PlagAware was developed for plagiarism checks of scientific documents such as master theses, bachelor theses, dissertations and habilitation treatises. For this purpose PlagAware accesses all free texts available on the Internet, which are indexed by search engines. But also own reference documents, such as work from prior years or licensed scientific articles, can be stored in a protected personal library making them available as additional reference sources for plagiarism checking.

Plagiarism checks for schools

At schools the topic of plagiarism checks of term papers and homework is getting more important. Here PlagAware offers individual solutions, which are specifically tailored to the needs of schools. Thus, for example class sets can be defined, where students can independently submit their work. If desired, all submitted work will be checked word for word to discover unauthorized group work (collusion). Of course, all of our other tools for professional plagiarism checks are available to you. More information...

Plagiarism checks for students, pupils and authors

A lot of schools, colleges and universities are already today conducting Plagiarism checks of bachelor work, master theses, term papers, homework and other texts. Even for pupils and students it becomes more and more important to know and correctly cite the sources of their own work. PlagAware therefore supports this by dependently listing all electronic sources of the work and highlighting them. Through plagiarism checks no sources will be overlooked and possible problems with correction of the work will be avoided.

Plagiarism checks for lectorates

Many lectorates use PlagAware within their services for the copy-editing of texts. Here, the plagiarism checks of PlagAware are incorporated into the correction process and are usually requested by a lectorate. For many authors, this is advantageous, because the lectorate can check not only the correct citation, but also the spelling, grammar, punctuation and spelling style of the text. The lectorate can even support the interpretation of the plagiarism check and revision of the text.

Unique Content checker for SEO and text agencies

Within search engine optimization of web presences, the securing of unique content gets more and more important. PlagAware supports users of websites with the duplicate content checker to provide for unique texts: The tools to compare texts provide a fast and intuitive overview of identical sections in several documents, while the plagiarism check ensures that the text of agencies and third-party author have the needed threshold of originality.

Encrypted submission of documents and secure payment options

encrypted data transfer Payment for plagiarism checks per PayPal Payment for plagiarism checks per electronic bank transfer
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