Installation of Continuous Text Monitoring

Monitor texts for plagiarism

PlagAware can continuously monitor the content of your website to inform you about newly found plagiarism of your texts on the net. A few simple settings ensure that the function is not misused by third parties and only relevant content is being monitored.

Continuous Monitoring of Your Website

When you want to use PlagAware to monitor the content of your website for possible content jacking and website plagiarism, there are several settings to be set up. To prevent misuse, you will need this described access in order to monitor the website. An installation is not required to conduct plagiarism checks.

1.Authentication of Your Website (required)

In order to protect yourself from misuse, you must proof that you are actually managing the website that will be monitored. This happens through copying of empty data files with a unique, assigned user name in the root directory of your domain. During your registration, the authentication file will be offered to you to download.

Please contact us should you have any problems with the authentication. We will be glad to assist you with that.

2. Adding the Content Protection Banner (optional)

The PlagAware content protection banner helps the visitors of your website to understand that your content is monitored by PlagAware and that each copy attempt will be noted. As a thank you for embedding the content protection banner, you will receive one free scan of your website per day, and this way you can use PlagAware completely free.

3. Starting the Acquisition of Your Domain

Crawling of Your Domain

PlagAware has a mechanism, which reads your specified (authenticated) domain automatically during the scan, to add all pages to the monitoring. Consequently, all subpages will be captured gradually without additional work on your part. You can control the process through several additional parameters. This allows you to set provisions specifically regarding the inclusion or exclusion of subpages, to block individual pages or to remove the parameter of the URL.

Creating Your Own Sitemap (optional)

An additional option is to create the URL of a sitemap, in which pages are listed that will be monitored. The format is a data file, in which the URLs are partially listed. The maximum size of the sitemap is currently 5 MB. Even with this option can the included and excluded URLs will be listed in detail.

4. Defining the Scan Area (optional)

You can increase the performance of PlagAware by excluding unspecific areas of your website from the monitoring. You can find more information about that in the next section.

Encrypted transmission of documents and secure payment options

  • encrypted data transmission
  • Payment of plagiarism check by PayPal
  • Payment of plagiarism scan by Sofortueberweisung