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  • "The highest rated system within the test 2010 is PlagAware"
    Test HTW Berlin, 2010
  • "PlagAware was one of the best systems in the area of usability"
    Test HTW Berlin, 2013
  • "PlagAware identified more web sources than most of other systems
    c't Test Plagiarism Search Services, 2011
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  • 10.07.2017 - Server location in Germany - why is this of imprtance for your plagiarism checks? More...
  • 16.03.2017 - Further improved recognition performance with the PlagAware FullScan technology. More...
  • 20.01.2017 - New functions for free plagiarism checks of text versions. More...
  • 01.11.2016 - Make own forms for the submission of assignment per "Drag & Drop" available to your students and pupils!
  • 15.10.2016 - The expanded PlagAware API allows the transfer of text documents from your application
  • Further news...


The prepaid packet allows for an immediate online plagiarism check without contractual obligations or subscriptions. With that, the same multiple awarded PlagAware technology is made available to you, which you can find at numerous schools, universities and lectorates.

Please choose your required prepaid packet

Packets for plagiarism checks Packet S Packet M Packet L Packet XL
Standard pages plagiarism check as well as ScanCredits 100 250 500 1500
Cost per standard page as well as ScanCredit €0.09 €0.08 €0.07 €0.06
Cost (incl. taxes) €8.99 €19.99 €34.99 €89.99
Add to shopping cart ja ja ja ja

Which packet do I need?

The required packet is based on the scope of the text in standard pages (250 words). You will get the number of standard pages by using the "word count" function of word-processing programs like Microsoft Word or OpenOffice and dividing the result by 250.

Alternatively, you can simply start the plagiarism check with your free user account. If your available ScanCredits are not enough for plagiarism checks, the exact number of credits to be purchased will be displayed for you.

Create a free user account

Loading of monthly subscriptions

If you have a valid monthly subscription (Light, Standard, Premium), you benefit from favorable conditions of your subscription. To load your subscription with additional ScanCredits, please follow the following link.

Purchase additional Scan Credit packets for existing subscriptions

Which limitations do the PrePaid packets have?

With the PrePaid packets there are generally no limitations regarding the functionality and performance of PlagAware. Advanced functions for the collaboration with other users and storage capacities are not available or are limited though.

Overview of Features and license models
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