PlagAware System Requirements

As a web application, PlagAware makes only minimal demands on your workstation computer. You can perform online plagiarism checks immediately without any need for software installation.

Supported Platforms and Operating Systems

PlagAware is a pure web application. Thus, no installation is necessary on your workstation and no demands are made on end user devices and operating systems. PlagAware can be used on all systems provided one of the supported web browsers is available.

Supported Web Browsers

PlagAware has been tested on all major modern browsers. These include

  • check_circle Microsoft Internet Explorer from version 9,
  • check_circle Microsoft Edge,
  • check_circle Mozilla Firefox from version 4,
  • check_circle Opera Software Opera from version 15,
  • check_circle Apple Safari from version 5 and
  • check_circle Google Chrome from version 7.

Even if your web browser is not explicitly listed, functional restrictions or malfunctions are unlikely to occur, as most of the web browsers available today rely on common core modules for displaying web pages.

If you encounter display issues or malfunctions, please reach out out to PlagAware Support for further assistance.

Additional Requirements for Specific PlagAware Features

  • check_circle In order to display Adobe Acrobat (PDF) plagiarism assessment reports, content reports and text comparison reports, Adobe Acrobat Reader (or equivalent tools) need to be installed on your computer. You can download Acrobat Reader on Adobe's Web Site for free.
  • check_circle In order to perform plagiarism scans, document files need to be provided in one of the supported file formats. To generate these files, you need appropriate programs, such as Microsoft Word or Open Office Suite.
  • check_circle For the automated monitoring of websites and the automatic detection of new pages of your website, you will need write access to your website. For more information on integration of PlagAware in your website, please consult the article installation of text monitoring.
  • check_circle PlagAware uses cookies to associate website requests with the user's session. Cookies are small text files that are stored by your browser temporarily on your device. You browser needs to be configured to accept cookies. For more information about cookies, please see our Data Protection Policy.

Encrypted transmission of documents and secure payment options

  • encrypted data transmission
  • Payment of plagiarism check by PayPal
  • Payment of plagiarism scan by Sofortueberweisung