About PlagAware

The plagiarism check of texts knows numerous applications. From the plagiarism check of your own bachelor thesis to the professional plagiarism management at universities and colleges to the protection against copyright infringements and the guarantee of unique contents PlagAware is at your disposal.

PlagAware for Plagiarism Checks and for Content Protection

The two primary application fields of the plagiarism search engine PlagAware are the plagiarism assessment of texts transmitted to PlagAware and the continuous monitoring of texts and web pages for eventual content theft.

  • check_circle During the plagiarism assessment, it will be analyzed to what extent a given text is a plagiarism of already published texts and contents. It is assumed that an article, a manuscript or a home work to be checked might potentially be a plagiarism, whereas the places of finding in the web represent the utilized sources.
  • check_circle The function text monitoring however regards a given text (typically the text contents of a web page) as original and regards all places of finding in conformity with it as potential plagiarisms of the monitored text or web page.

PlagAware can be used for both application fields, as the functions complement one another for both application fields and overlap for some application (e.g. for operators of article directories).

Encrypted transmission of documents and secure payment options

  • encrypted data transmission
  • Payment of plagiarism check by PayPal
  • Payment of plagiarism scan by Sofortueberweisung