Free Plagiarism Check of Text Revisions

Plagiarism checks of texts is no a one-way street at Plagaware: While many systems generate one-time checked report for plagiarism checking, you can unlimited and free upload new version of your checked text at PlagAware und be analyzed again.

Why plagiarism checking for text versions?

As encouraging as it is through plagiarism checking to find sources which are possibly not or not completed cited: Of course you want to know whether a revision of your the work eliminated known problems. For that, PlagAware offers the free plagiarism checks of revised texts based on the first check.

As a result, the sources which were found during the first plagiarism check with the PlagAware FullScan Technology, will be compared again with the new version of your checked text. This way you can easily check for example if changes were made to your text that will change the result of plagiarism checks.

In addition, you can deposit new sources in your personal library without problems to include additional texts that you have access to in plagiarism checking. And that without having to pay again for plagiarism checks.

How does plagiarism checks of text versions work?

  • check_circle Assignment of plagiarism checks Conduct the plagiarism check like you normally do by uploading your text and by starting the plagiarism check.
  • check_circle Analysis of checked results Analyze the findings and classify cited or irrelevant sources if necessary. The assessment of the source relevance will also be used for the plagiarism check of the next version.
  • check_circle Adding new sources If you would like to add new sources, you can do that any time in your personal library.
  • check_circle Plagiarism check assigning Click on "revise" to repeat the plagiarism check to include new sources - or to upload a new version of your text.

Which limitation are there?

None - plagiarism checks of text versions is possible in all PlagAware rates unlimited and free.

Please be consider though: During the version check will be no new sources searched, instead already found sources analyzed again. Then the plagiarism check of text versions is used for to check, if a revision - such as the rewording of a quote or the citation of a source - lifts problems during the plagiarism check. It is not used to find additional sources of new text or sections.

If you rather want to conduct a complete new plagiarism check, you can select during the assigment the option "Sources on the Web".

Encrypted transmission of documents and secure payment options

  • encrypted data transmission
  • Payment of plagiarism check by PayPal
  • Payment of plagiarism scan by Sofortueberweisung