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Information on our Data Protection Policy

General remarks

The operators of PlagAware take the protection of your personal data highly serious. We inform you about our position to the data protection, how PlagAware protects your data and what it means for you, if you use our services. Principally it applies, that the protection of your privacy is of highest importance. Thus the strict observing of the legal requirements for the data protection is self-evident for PlagAware. Furthermore it is important for us, that you know, when and how we store which data and how we use them.

Personal information

Personal information on the identity is information, which explicitly can be used, to find out your identity. It includes information like your real name, address, postal address, telephone number. Information, which cannot be directly linked with your real identity, as e.g. favourite websites or the number of users of a site do not belong to it.

Where is personal information collected?

PlagAware asks you for your name, first name and other personal information, if you register for one of our personalised services, as e.g. newsletter service or the registration of a page into our web directory. This information is stored by PlagAware on a server in Germany, whereas all information on your identity is only collected by us, if you make it explicitly available for us.

Do we forward personal data to a third party?

In no case we forward personal data to a third party, before we do not have asked you for your explicit approval. We appreciate the confidence, that you put in us and use the outermost accuracy to protect your personal information. You have the right of withdrawal at any time.
If you have passed your personal data to us, you have at any time the possibility to delete them again. Also you can disagree to the creation of user profiles with your data under a pseudonym. Please deactivate cookies in your browser.

What are cookies?

Cookies are little text files, which are currently used by thousands of websites, to be able to present a most individually created offer to their users. If a user accesses such a website, the provider's server sends besides the user's HTML-page also the cookie to the user's browser, where required. The browser then decides, depending on the local settings, whether the cookie will be stored on the user's computer. Being pure text files, cookies cannot hack into the user's system or do any harm to it. In particular cookies are blocked by your browser in such a way, that only the page can read it, which has created it. The text files are set by the server of a chosen website and upon the next visit on this page your browser sends them to our server, e.g. to show different advertising or to present information on your last visits on this page to you.
PlagAware sets cookies especially for the distribution of advertising and for the counting of page views. Hereby a random number - a form of a pseudonym is set at the user in form of the cookies. By means of the cookies the server recognises, that the inquiry is placed by the same user. However the server does not obtain information on the identity or other of the user's data. This is especially important, to show advertising customers how many different users have seen their advertising in which time interval. Moreover such cookies principally have a lifetime of only 24 hours. Also PlagAware sets cookies partially with a longer lifetime when you register: Your personal data is stored by PlagAware on a server in Germany. This server sets a random number on your computer, by which he can recognise your computer upon your next visit.

If you do not want to use the advantages of the cookies

If you do not want to use the advantages of the cookies, you can activate and deactivate them with a simple procedure in your browser. However we will then not be able to offer you some functions of the website. For further information please refer to the help function of your browser.

No liability for partners' pages

We would like to point out, that PlagAware partners and other internet sites and services, which are accessible by PlagAware sites, as well as partners which collect data in connection with advertising contents, have their own data protection policy, which are independent of PlagAware. PlagAware takes no responsibility or liability for these regulations and procedures which are not related to PlagAware.

Our right to change our policy with notice

PlagAware reserves the right to change these regulations considering the data protection provisions at any time. Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to send us a mail to info@PlagAware.de.

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