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Prices and conditions at a glance

Charges and services of the plagiarism scanner PlagAware Konditionen PlagAware currently offers four different pricing versions, to best possibly meet the various requirements to the protection against plagiarism of websites and academic documents. The charges differ especially in the number of ScanCredits, which can be used for the observation of websites and the plagiarism assessment every month.

What are ScanCredits?

The paid functions of PlagAware like the plagiarism assessment and the observation for potential content theft of websites are charged in ScanCredits, the virtual currency of PlagAware.
Thereby it is generally imperative:

  • All functions generally cost the same amount of ScanCredits, independent of the chosen pricing version.

  • The costs per ScanCredit differ depending on the chosen pricing version and/or the number of purchased ScanCredits.

Which function costs how many ScanCredits?

PlagAware currently offers two paid functions, which are:

  • Search for potential plagiarisms on a given website (one scan), as well as
  • Search for cited sources of a given text (one plagiarism assessment).
Function ScanCredits
Scan of an observed website (a single URL) 1 ScanCredit
Plagiarism assessment of a given text 1 ScanCredit / commenced 250 words

All other functions, reports, administration features etc. are generally free of charge and included in all four pricing versions.

What is the price of ScanCredits?

The costs per ScanCredit are depending on the number of purchased ScanCredits and your chosen pricing version. The following table shows the costs of a ScanCredit depending on the pricing version and the number of purchased ScanCredits:
Pricing version Number of ScanCredits Costs per ScanCredit
FREE 200 ScanCredits 3,5 EUR Ct.
FREE 1000 ScanCredits 3,0 EUR Ct.
FREE 5000 ScanCredits 2,5 EUR Ct.
LIGHT independent 2,5 EUR Ct.
STANDARD independent 2,0 EUR Ct.
PREMIUM independent 1,5 EUR Ct.

What are the differences between the pricing versions?

The FREE version

The version FREE offers you the possibility to use PlagAware without functional limits and without any contract obligations. Besides the Welcome ScanCredits a certain number of free of charge scans are available, which you can use for smaller projects without limit. If you insert our content-protection banner into your homepage, you have furthermore the possibility, to have your internet presences automatically observed without any further charges. Should you wish to have longer texts observed at short notice, you can purchase ScanCredits in the PlagAware shop at any time. To register free of charge has the advantage, that you can use the various settings of PlagAware and that your reports can be stored.


The versions LIGHT, STANDARD and PREMIUM are subscription versions, which, without a corresponding cancellation, are automatically renewed upon the termination of the six month contract time for another six months. These versions include a certain number of monthly ScanCredits, which can be used for the content protection of websites and for plagiarism assessments. ScanCredits, which are not used until the end of the month cannot be moved to the next month. Additional ScanCredits can be purchased at a significantly lower price within a subscription version, as it is the case without subscription. Therefore a subscription version presents the most price-effective alternative to use PlagAware, as long as there is a certain regular minimum turnover of ScanCredits.

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