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The Installation of PlagAware is as simple as that

Installation Installation If you want to use PlagAware to observe the content of your website for possible content theft and website plagiarism, some simple settings have to be made. In order to guard against misuse, it is compulsory that you have access to the website to be observed. For the execution of plagiarism assessments no installation is necessary.

1. Open your PlagAware user account

In order to be able to use the plagiarism observation of PlagAware, a user account is required. The user account allows you to access your websites and saves your personal settings.
Open your user account now.

2. Authentification of your website (mandatory)

To protect against misuse you have to prove, that the website to be observed is in fact supervised by you. This is made by copying an empty text file with a name, which is clearly assigned to the user, into the root directory of your domain. The authentification file is offered to you upon your registration.

3. Insert the content protection banner on your start page (optional)

The PlagAware content protection banner is intended to show to visitors of your website, that your content is observed by PlagAware and any trial of copying will be recognised. In return for the integration of the content protection banner you receive one free scan of your website per day. Thus you can use PlagAware completely free. Please use only the following HTML code for the integration of the content protection banner.
Select other versions of the content protection banner.

4.Starting the capture of your domain

Crawling your domain

PlagAware features a mechanism, which automatically reads your defined (authenticated) domain during the scan and adds all pages to the observation. Therewith all sub pages of your domain are consecutively captured without any additional effort from your side. You can control this process by a variety of further parameters. So, for example, you can make settings regarding sub pages to be explicitly included or excluded, block individual pages or delete the parameters of the url.

Active transfer of sub pages (optional)

Alternatively or additionally you can embed a JavaScript line into your page, which automatically adds your pages to the observation, as soon as they are opened in a browser window for the first time. This is only necessary, when you want to transfer new pages without having to wait, that they will be captured by PlagAware when scanning a connected page. The settings for selection respectively exclusion of sub pages are also available.
Attention:PlagAware does (at first) not check, whether the transferred pages are really reachable, or whether the same page is transferred several times with different names (Duplicate Content). In the initial phase you should therefore verify, which pages are transferred and exclude pages, which you do not want to be transferred eventually in the domain settings. Pages without valid content are automatically paused, as soon as a scan is started.

Specification of your own sitemap (optional)

One more possibility is offered by specifyingthe url in a sitemap, in which the pages to be observed are listed. The format is a text file, in which the urls are listed line-by-line. The maximum size of this sitemap currently is 5 MB. Also with this version you can define the pages to be in- or excluded in detail.

Definition of the protection area (optional)

You can improve the performance of PlagAware, by excluding unspecific areas of your web pages from the observation. You can find information about it in the following chapter.
Definition of protection area.

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