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Application Fields of PlagAware

Tracing content theft

Tracing content theft and avoiding website-plagiarism. The colloquial expression content theft masks the problem of website-plagiarism, which should not be underestimated. PlagAware assists webmasters with authorised scans, well-directed notification functions and comprehensive service features to detect content thieves and to obtain the deletion of the copied contents.
Tracing content theft and avoiding website-plagiarism.

Plagiarism assessment of texts and articles

Plagiarism assessment of texts and articles Search plagiarisms of academic documents, home works, manuscripts and articles with PlagAware and analyse them. PlagAware offers reliable functions for plagiarism assessment and for the proof of origin of works, manuscripts and articles to schools and academic institutions, publishing houses and article directories. After the convenient data transmission PlagAware generates informative result reports, which allow a fast classification of the checked texts.
Plagiarism assessment of texts and articles

Proof of authorship

Proof of authorship In consideration of the omnipresent availability of information and texts in the Net it is becoming more important for authors of text contents to provide proof of the originality of their own texts, manuscripts and articles. Use this proof as additional competitive advantage and increase the value of your work!
Proof of authorship

Your personal application

Your personal application Use the PlagAware technology to find double contents in the Word Wide Web individually. With a free PlagAware account you have the full access to all functions without any limitations. Combine those, which you need for your personal application scenario!
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