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Information about the Plagiarism Scanner PlagAware

PlagAware PlagAware is an online-service, which offers services around the topics Searching, finding, analysing and tracing of plagiarisms. The central element of PlagAware is a search engine, which is specialised in detecting identical contents of given texts. Contrary to the plagiarism scanning with classical search engines, the places of finding are not directly transferred to the user, but analysed on the rate and the type of analogy, before a message to the user is written. By this the differing result reports of PlagAware allow to recognise very fast the percentage and the distribution of the copied text contents, thus permitting an efficient and secure rating of a possible plagiarism.

PlagAware for content protection and for plagiarism assessment

The two primary application fields of the plagiarism search engine PlagAware are the monitoring of web pages for eventual content theft and the plagiarism assessment of texts transmitted to PlagAware. The applicaton fields are especially differing concerning the respective issue.

  • Within the plagiarism assessment will be analysed, to what extent the present text is a plagiarism of already published texts and contents in the Net. The plagiarism assessment thus implicates, that an article to be checked, a manuscript or a home work potentially is a plagiarism, whereas the places of finding in the web present the used sources.
  • The function observation of content theft however regards a given text (typically the text content of a web page) as an original and regards all places of finding in conformity with it as potential plagiarisms of the observed web page.

PlagAware can principally be used for both issues, as the functions complement one another for both application fields and overlap for some application (e.g. for operators of article directories). There is no differentiation with regard to the pricing versions respectively there is no limitation regarding the functionality.

How will you use PlagAware?

Sure detection and efficient tracing of infringements of your copyrights by content theft from your websites.
Verification of plagiarism and proofs of origin for homeworks, articles, manuscripts and scientific documents.
Proof of the own authorship and the originality of a text by the creation and the deposit of a inspection report.

Further information about PlagAware

In the following sections you find further information about the functioning of PlagAware, the installation in your web presence and about other topics.
This is how plagiarisms and copies derogate your internet presences
This is how the algorithms of PlagAware work
This is how you can measure, how many plagiarisms are recognised
This is how you install the protection against plagiarisms and copies on your site
How are the results of the plagiarism-scans displayed?
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